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Since being established in 2000, Los Angeles County Fire Fighters Pipes and Drums has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today. For more information about the products and services we provide, reach out today.


The Los Angeles County Firefighters Pipes and Drums Band was formed in 2011 by then Band President and Fire Captain, Billy Monahan. The goal was to bring the honor and tradition of a highland pipe band to one of the largest and premier fire departments in the country, the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The honor that comes from playing our music and holding the hands of our fire families is something that we humbly cherish. The opportunity to be part of traditions that acknowledge, respect, and revere our brothers and sisters is one we are forever grateful-for. Each moment, each note, each heartbeat acknowledges and embodies the deserving tribute we aim to present to those who have given so much and served so well, and to those who aspire to follow in footsteps bigger than life.

For all of these things we are thankful for, as we continue to build upon this foundation with the support of our great Department and the dedication of our brothers and sisters. 

Memorial Service for FC Brian L


Our Tartan, Black Stewart, was chosen for the various colors representing elements within our Department sections and officers. The Yellow stands for the Firefighter and Firefighter Specialist ranks, as well as our turnout color. The red represents Captains, as do the red and black base colors represent the Fire Department. The White is for our Chief Officers. The blue lines represent Emergency Medical Services, a very large part of the fire service. Lastly, the green represents our Forestry Section.


The Los Angeles County Firefighters Pipes and Drums Crest Badge consists of various symbols, each of them carrying specific meaning:

The Crest is a traditional Maltese Cross, once heralded as a shield of protection and honor and wielded by the Knights of St. John as they protected and rescued fellow crusaders against the then weapon of war; fire. Since the knights of St. John lived on the island of Malta, the symbol became known as the Maltese Cross. The symbol today is universally accepted as a symbol for the Fire Service as firefighters acknowledge their duty, courage, and sacrifice in protecting their fellow man from fire.

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